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About Us

Our Story

CONCAT began in 2020, when Laura met Souad and Bob, two talented refugee developers living in Lebanon who needed income. Altogether, they hatched a plan to create CONCAT and link marginalised developers to clients who needed top quality, affordable web development.

Souad Ali

Lead Developer

Laura Jardine Paterson

CEO and Founder

Ibrahim Jakmour

Lead Developer

Farah Ali


Jana El Amine

Project Manager

Nibale Jakmour


Our Values

In order to create the most collaborative and efficient environment for both our team and clients, we place particular focus on embedding our 4 key values in everything we do.

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We have a culture of quick, honest and open feedback

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We support the economic involvement of refugees and marginalised women in the tech industry

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We treat every brief with fresh eyes and curious minds

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We take responsibility for the development of our team and satisfaction of our clients

Our Partners